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September 18, 2012

Drooooool Shopping

This weekend was maybe one of the last NICE weekend's we will get here in Chicagoland. So as always- we made sure we took it all in!

So on Saturday my family of 3 bee lined to Oakbrook Terrace. I had an inside tip from a good friend of mine that Children's Place was having a big sale. We found a super cute $2 pink halter top for Luci- she's already worn it.

We also found these really cute jeans- they make her look so grown up!

So once we got done with real shopping (aka I had scoured every clearance rack I could find!) we went droool shopping.

First on our droolfest was H&M. Oh my word- if you want to squeal uncontrollably GO THERE. I love H&M and I LOOOVE their prices- but for some reason the stuff I was CRAZY for was only in 0-6 months (sad!).

Seriously look at this hat...

And don't worry because you KNOW there are matching mittens!?
Trust me when I tell you I forced Luci to try it on - but it was true to it's size.

Next on the drooling tour was Baby GAP. Good.Lord. everthing was adorable and perfect and cute and holy expensive. I'm all about paying more for a higher quality- but it's hard to convince me to buy anything for more than $10 when my kid is most DEFINITELY going to get dirt, food, bodily fluids and who knows what else on it.

Hoping you got to drool at some fun things too! Or at least pick up some cinnamon roasted almonds as a constalation prize :)

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