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August 23, 2012

What size do you feel today?

Today I came to a weird realization that I feel smaller than I am- which I think is good.

Kind of a glass half full type of thing?

Sorry I've been MIA lately.

It's not you. It's me.

I've been wondering what my purpose is lately/who am I. Something I thought was in the bag didn't happen and it kind of flipped my world upside down. I hate to think I was that lost in it...but I really was.

So I went from knowing exactly who I was to questioning silly things- like my outfits. And my words.

I like being me. So why is it all of a sudden such a problem?

I like writing on this silly little blog. But do I write for me? Because I want to write for me. Like it doesn't matter if no one reads this... right? It doesn't matter..right? :)

SO- new rules...

No more writing every day. I'm only writing if I want to write. I hope it'll be more than once a week. But no sweat if it isn't.

It's time I start learning to act like me.

Hope you are acting like you today...and maybe a size or two smaller too :)

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