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August 27, 2012

Weekend Shopping!

I live dangerously close to Woodfield Mall. One of the largest shopping malls in the country- no lie, that is a fact.

There are rules when you live so close to such a wonderful thing like: the last trip you can take to the Mall is the week before Thanksgiving. From that point on, the mall is off limits until after Jan. 1 because it is that crazy. We're talking- people using strollers + shopping bags as weapons, cars stalking walkers for a good spot, you need to ride a trolley and factor in a 20 minute commute (it would be faster to walk 3 miles there) crazy.

As we are far from the Christmas crazy- I brought the kid + the big stroller and we SHOPPED!

Here is how I convinced a 1.5 year old to have a wonderful shopping trip with me:
  • Graham Crackers
  • Sippy cup filled with chilled milk
  • We started this adventure right after Luci woke up from her morning nap + a diaper change
I was prepared.

And it resulted in:
- Long sleeve STRIPED top from HM
- Short sleeve LACE top from HM
- Tenny boppers for Luci-loo from Payless (yeah $7!?)

I timed out the graham crackers beautifully too. We had just gotten through the starbucks line when I ran out. So we BEE lined to the kids play area (don't worry I sanitized Luci from head to toe after!) and then went home for nap time #2.

Overall- successful and relaxing! Who knew the 2 could happen WITH a toddler!

What's your shopping trip tricks??

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