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August 2, 2012

Be Encouraging: TODAY!

I dont know what it was that made me realize this but last week I realized: I can encourage others!

Sounds ridiculous? Well it felt ridiculous. Sounds like something you should just KNOW right? I agree!

But actions speak louder than words and frankly, I wasn't talking much either.

So last week, I set out to change that.

I have noticed one stand out guy that I work with. I mean, he really works HARD- no matter where or when. Once again, sounds like a simple concept. When was the last time you were still working hard even though your co-worker takes cigarette breaks every 10 minutes? Or takes another personal/vacation day even though you know they hit their limit in May.

Or how about the last time you thought: "good for them" instead of "I deserve that". These are easy examples to come up with- because I play the "deserving" game a LOT!

So I emailed this great worker's boss and let them know, I thought they were a vital asset to our team. I thought it would end there.

But that boss emailed it to the person I was writing about! And they stopped by to tell me thank you. I was kind of embarrased. Like as if it was my little secret, and now the cat was out of the bag. After I got over that, it just felt good to know they were feeling good.

Much like giving to a great organization- it really is amazing what it can do for your soul to encourage someone else's.

So get out there- and say some nice stuff to people!! :) I promise it will feel as good saying it as it will be received.

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