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July 12, 2012


We recently purchased a treadmill on Craigslist. 

Don't worry- it's out of Lucia's reach and we always keep the "key" out of it. While she is curious, like a cat, she is way too preoccupied with trying to obtain as many remotes and phones as possible.

Not our treadmill - this one looks much fancier!

If anyone is like me, you've read children dying from getting wrapped around the cords or it accidentally turning on. So scary!

Keep in mind- for some reason, Luis told me of a family who found a PYTHON in their babies crib, in southern Illinois. Their neighbors had the snake and it got out of it's cage. Baby was fine - but I'm not! I have forced Luis to check on Lucia at least 3 times just to check for snakes. 

It's like you think you know all the dangers of life- and then you read about PYTHONS!

Whew...I feel better now that I've warned you all. Now back to workin on my fitness!

I think us having this workout equipment in the house is a good thing. It stares at me if I don't run on it every night. So here's hoping I can up my mileage/week.

One thing to note- it's starting to make noises... hopefully this is normal??

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