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July 5, 2012

Splash Pad Fun!

Last weekend was a HOT one. We're talking 90-100ish degrees every day.

One thing I've heard as a parent is that water + kids are a perfect combination. Only issue issue is- water + kids who can't swim... no bueno/one of my biggest fears. While Lucia is a little daredevil, especially lately, we have to have someone near her at all times if water is present. Even in her floaty- we need to NEXT to her. This dampens our lil independent's style.

Solution? SPLASH PAD!

My lil water bug :)
On our recent vaca, we specifically chose a hotel with a splash park, only upon arrival to find out it was under construction. #orlandofail

We made up for lost time this weekend at our newly discovered Splash Pad, located about 5 minutes from our house (GLORIOUS!). And talk about no risk factor. Lucia can run and play and we can sit and catch up with friends. It's pretty close to perfect.

Anyone with kids- even babies that can sit up can enjoy it- you need to locate a splash park STAT!

Happy fun in the sun everyone! Stay cooool out there!

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