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July 6, 2012

Random Rumblings

I've decided- because for some reason, Fridays are the hardest day to blog for me, I'm going to do a "Random Rumblings" of just lil things I'm thinking about/updates on our families doings. No pictures- just rumblings. Sound good? I hope so! Because here we go...

- Luci has started to say "Thank You" but isn't sure what it means yet. So when you say to her "Thank You"- she'll say thank you back. Even when it's coming from a 1.5 year old- it still warms my heart. I think I'm going to start trying to say thank you for small things more often

- This week, we bought a treadmill. It is cornered off from Luci so while she's curious- she has no access. No more excuses. Not that I had very many before. But now it's as is working out has a face and can stare at me when I'm cashed out on the couch.

- I love me time... memo to self: schedule more "me" time

- I learned this week- Work + 1 Midweek Holiday is hectic. Work + someone else's work (enjoy your vaca) + 1 Midweek Holiday is mass chaos. All of that + a teething baby- is just insane. Hopefully I learned my lesson because that was just... too much.

- Separation anxiety in children is hard. Separation anxiety on the parents is horrifying. How did this start? When can it stop?

- Next weekend: trip to Michigan. Can.not.wait. Luci needs to learn what Family Camp is. Should be interesting!

- Thank you, Jesus for pinterest and coffee. One makes me a better woman and well... the other makes me look like a more put together woman :)

Happy Friday everyone!

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