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July 2, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Apps + Drinks

Friday night we enjoyed a double date!

As parents, the fact that we get out AT ALL is not only shocking but a rarity, the fact that we can schedule time with friends - seems unreal. We were going to a late movie (10 pm start time!? #bringonthejava) which made for 8 pm dinner reservations.

I'm used to eating around 6 pm every day. This whole 8 pm thing was not going to cut it. So I invited our friends over an hour early for some apps + drinks. Welcome my pinterest obsession.

I did some research ahead of time and decided I wanted to try a few new things like..



and this.

And it turned out amazingly well! Fortunately, we have amazing friends (love you guys!) so I knew we were okay to experiment with recipes and they would be forgiving if it was a bust.

The pizza bites turned out really well- I wasn't doing the full pizza idea like the recipe, and accidentally bought bread sticks that only required to go in the oven for 7 minutes (I was suppose to get pizza DOUGH-woops!). I did a layer of pasta sauce, layer of cheese, and lady finger like broken pieces of breadsticks. It was deeelish. Although to be fair, it's really hard to screw up anything drenched in cheese :)

For something more sweet, I saw this recipe on the Today Show and decided to give it a go! Instead of angel food cake I used pound cake (so it would be kabob'd easier). I nuked some chocolate chips in a plastic bag (5-8 seconds at a time- or the chocolate will burn) then cut the edge of the bag to make fun dribbles. Put those babies all on tin foil and the clean up was minimal. They were a big hit- and what's better, you can easily wrap up the extras in tin foil for mini lil treats the next day (try it with coffee!).

Lastly, I adjusted the drink recipe to have strawberry + tropical popsicles with Moscato instead of Proseco. I put them in 20 minutes before guests arrived and it worked perfectly. WARNING- this drink tastes SUPER fruity (my fav!) and as if there is zero alcohol so watch out they could be dangerous.

Overall a successful evening! Thank you, pinterest and wonderful company. 

Happy experimenting!


  1. You are adorable and I LOVE Your blog! Im a follower of your super cute ideas and those moscato drinks look DELISH! Miss you :)