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July 10, 2012

Pinning away...

As many of you know- I'm slightly obsessed with pinterest.

I'm only obsessed because I truly believe it makes me appear like a better mom, cook and fashionista. That's all.

Due to Pinterest- I am definitely doing this soon (I mean how easy and it looks fantastic!?)...

I'm fairly certain I just got back from a work birthday party of a woman who did sugar cookies in the bottom of a muffin pan- with a layer of cheesecake and fruit- genius!

THEN I got the mother load...

Word on the street is I'm into pinterest- so I got a hushed "did you know about the toys section"?
Little did I know there was a mountain of possibilities beyond cute outfits, crafts and recipes. Ahhh pinterest, I love you.

#5 on this picture looks like a WINNER to me!:

 Can you imagine how much time this might get you at a restaurant? You might actually get to your entree before your kid goes nuts!

Happy Tuesday everyone- and happy pinning!!

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