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July 17, 2012

Hellooooo Michigan!

I took this past weekend to travel with my cute lil 16 month old to Michigan.

Here are somethings I learned...
  • I love Michigan- I hate allergies
  • 16 month olds do not do well in cars for more than 1-2 hours
  • When you are used to Illinois's outrageous prices- it's soo nice to get things like a 16 oz. blizzard for $4. Or 2 pizzas, 3 pops, and breadsticks for $20...
  • No matter how many billboards you may see for BBQ Chicken or Pork at Subway- it does not guarantee that it will be available the one subway YOU have chosen to pull into.  Just an FYI- there should be a warning on the billboard
We enjoyed swimming in the pool and Lucia made friends with 2 puppies. She also learned her new facination of Karokee Queen- watch out world!

One thing is for sure, while everyone is experiencing some level of a "bad economy" - you SEE it the absolute when you are driving through small towns. My beloved Manton, MI looked like a ghost town.

Lastly- I had to leave you with this... one thee best billboards I've seen- ever.

Go Binder Park Zoo! 

You know, I have a nack for this kind of thing...

Overall, I love to travel but boy is it wonderful to be home!

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