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July 25, 2012

Child Separation Anxiety: At 15 months?

Lately, lil Lucia only wants her mom.

I've heard from SO many people: isn't that the cutest thing?

It is. And it isn't.

While it's heart warming and fantastic to watch my jealous husband's face as she reaches for me, once again. My back is a lil tired from all the "uppies" requested and I'm always thinking in the back of my mind- how long is this phase going to last? I have nightmares the same scene takes place when she's going to college...

I have gotten away with a small solve- when she starts in with reaching arms held high- for the 110th time- I get to tickle her under her arms and she giggles... then tries again.
 What makes this kid so terrified? I haven't failed her before. I've always picked her up from daycare.
I swear she saw the super sweet man at Sunday School as an evil clown with knives. And we're not just talking wimpering- there is actual big fat tears rolling down her cute lil cheeks.

That was also a quick solve- I happen to know of a cute lil boy she's had her eye on for a few weeks. He was there and just happened to want to play with the same toy! It was like I didn't even exist and created a super easy escape route.

Any solutions out there??

Or is this a "this too shall pass" sort of gig?

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