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July 22, 2012

Bat Man Rises: the heels, the pearls and the clapping?

Normally I'm not into movie reviews- especially not writing one.

But last night, I saw Bat Man Rises. What a fantastic movie- I'll just get that right out of the way. Even though it was hard to not be nervous in lieu of recent events, it was worth it. I wasn't THAT worried- but I can't say it's impossible to not look over your shoulder.

Let's start with the best part: the heels! I'm not a huge Ann Hathaway fan- but wowza did she kick tail (pun intended) with those fantastic stilettos...

How could you not want a pair of those bad boys for whenever your city's underground tyrants begin to surface?

At minimum, I bet it'd bring a whole new level of sexy to washing your dishes?? 

Loved the gorgeous set of pearls also in the film... Hopefully that will increase pearl sales because every woman has to have at least 1 set of pearls!
Lastly- and here is where I turn into major geek. I wanted to clap at least 3 times throughout the film. I hate it when people clap in theaters- the actors cannot hear you, what is the point? And yet, I was right there, waiting for someone to start a clap so I could join in.

I think that's how I now know I really like a movie. If I break out of my nerdy barriers to clap for it.

Ipso facto- great great movie. I would definitely recommend seeing it - go now!

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