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June 11, 2012

Welcome to our new adventure!

So here's some fun news!

We have begun house hunting- again. For anyone who knows me, knows me, knows I have been house searching for literally over 4 years. You would think in 4 years we would find something perfect. But the timing wasn't right, the house wasn't right, one of us would loose our jobs (x4), the location wasn't right, the money wasn't right- there was always something.

Maybe not this house
But this time- it might be for real! Luis is going to get his bachelor's in Electronic Engineering (sounds fancy, huh?) and will have to finish his schooling out in Milwaukee. So we are starting to look at a good 1/2 way point between milwaukee, his work and my work.

This time, I think might actually be the time and here's why! We aren't looking for something perfect. In fact, we're in the market for super imperfect. I have a slight obsession with pinterest and several interior designer blogs. So of course, I now fully believe I can completely DIY any project- including an entire house.

We are basically looking for good "bones" of the house so we can go through and make everything ours. The location we're looking at has fantastic school system and Luci will know what stars are! For any non- Chicagoians- there is way too many lights and probably pollution for any serious star gazing- but this puts us in prime area to maybe get a glimpse at our amazing night sky.

I am hoping 1 room is legitimately semi perfect- so we can set up Lucia's room perfectly, and not worry about her surroundings. We were living out of boxes, with 1/2 our kitchen still packed when we last moved- but Lucia's room was finished by the first 2 days- pictures hung and all!

So here's hoping this time is the time. But if it's not, that just means something out there is even better. I am writing this so I can later re-read this post as a reminder :)

All good gugu and happy thoughts and prayers very much welcomed!

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