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June 12, 2012

The truth about poo...

Here is the truth about babies in pools...
  • Babies pee in pools
  • It's okay for babies to pee in a pool because most likely everyone else is too AND there are enough chemicals to hopefully disintegrate all grossness
  • The issue with babies in pools is the POO (I know gross topic- but poo happens...there's even a book about it!)
The goal is to keep the poo contained, yes? Enter: GPants!

We as parents are big failures when it comes to diapers. We use disposables. Yes, I know, the carbon footprint we are creating is massive...and stinky. But we own a Prius, so it all equals out right?

Well, when it came to what to do about putting my cutie patootie's buns in a pool, I did some research. The more reading I did, the more I realized- there is no right answer. 

You can use Swimmers - like we did last year. But Luci was in the pool maybe 3 times total. She's in water every weekend now. Swimmers are way too expensive for that. I realized something big: Swimmers don't hold in pee at all (don't believe me? I dare you try it- just keep paper towels near by). Their only purpose is to keep in da poo.

So I did the ultimate test using reusable diapers - I presented them to my Daycare provider. She is the end all be all of kids. While she only has 2 of her own I think she's a kid genius. And the result- amazement! She was in LOVE with the idea- and even suggested other parents to do the same. What's better- we don't even use liners. You just throw those babies in the wash when your baby is done enjoying their aquatic adventure.

FINALLY a win! Trust me when I say the glow didn't last long as a few hours later I learned my kid eats dirt ... sooo we were back to square one. But at least now I can save some mooolah on swimmer bottoms!

Hope you can too now- happy swimming!!

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