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June 16, 2012

Quick DIY Project for Dad!

As an advid Pinterester- I feel as if I have the power to DIY any project, anywhere. While in most cases this would turn into a big time FAIL- sometimes I find a win! Hey- even a blind squirrel finds the occassional nut, right?

So while finding this fun lil number on pinterest. I thought I would give it a shot. All at Hobby Lobby- I purchased 2 canvas (3.99), Modge Podge Matt (4.99- but $2 off with a 40% coup!), a coarse sponge dabber (on sale 1.79), black acrylic paint (on sale 2.15). Total came out to around $13 (after taxes). I purcased the 8x10 through Walgreens- after a 40% off coupon- it was $3 (including shipping!)!

Step one- glue your picture to your canvas. We had some gorilla glue laying around so I did my best not to glue my fingers together...

Step two- modge podge that baby down! Less is more - and make sure to do strokes not dabs. Let it dry- it dries clear!

Step three- Take a damp sponge over the picture.

Step four- apply paint to the sides and around the corners


Finished project:

I can't wait for Father's Day!

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