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June 7, 2012

Mint is in the Air...

When I first heard of this new trend of wearing the color mint gaining speed- I have to admint (aaah see what I did there?) I was skeptical.

Then I saw this (thank you pinterest)-

The thought of being able to reuse the color of 2011 Summer: coral just gave me stylish goosebumps.

This is another great use- for mint with some easy leggings and grey sweater. Can you imagine literally throwin this on to go get groceries or run errands? You'd be the hottest thing to hit the frozen section. :)

Today is one of those days where I almost needed to try on every item of clothing I own. I could not make up my mind. Fortunately, the lil free time I had last night- I was able to do this:

I added a simple white tank top, some trouser jeans, a fun toast colored sweater and I made it out the door in time. If I can pull off mint on a day where nothing seemed to work- you can too!

I highly recommend adding a lil mint to your life. Whether it be in your mojito, on your nails, pants or shirt- it's definitely worth the spend.

Happy minting everyone!

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