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June 8, 2012

Lobster Season: a tale of 1 very white girl

Happy summer everyone!

For some reason, today it hit me that we are in the middle of summer. Maybe it was the beautiful blue sky, maybe perhaps the wind blowing the trees- no I am pretty sure it was the heat stroke I'm experiencing now.

Thank God for air conditioning! Although I do like a lower AC bill, so I'm doing my best to keep it off during the day- we will see how long that lasts!

We have the priveldge of having a family member who owns a pool. Yeah, we've got a "pool guy". :)  Last weekend was our 2nd visit to the acquatic dream come true. Being the 2nd visit, Lucia was being a lot more curious than normal.

This caused me to do a lot of chasing her as she ran around the outside of the pool aaaand me forgetting to put on sunscreen. I don't have pictures to show you the lobster-ness I was portraiting for 3 days straight. But my first day back from the weekend, I received absolutely HORRIFIED stares from co-workers. Causing me to add a sweater for the rest of the week until the red calmed down.

Lucia - while she gets COATED every day in sunscreen- has formed this gorgeous lightly toasted tan (like she needed anything to make her look more hispanic!). It's moments like these that make me feel MORE white. Like in this picture:

While we are gearing up for summer and definitely a vaca coming up soon (next week!). I promise to be lathering on the SPF.

Here's to a warm- and lobster-free looking skin!


  1. I feel your pain! If I don't wear sunscreen, I turn into a lobster, too. Luci is so cute!!

  2. Thanks Katie! Us SPF'ers need to stick together! :)