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June 4, 2012

Floppy Hat Check!

We are gearing up for a week long vaca to Florida/Bahamas. To say it's going to be a busy week feels like an understatement. From a 1 day Disneyworld trip to a 4 day cruise to finally 2 days relaxing on the beach with family.

I've been doing what I can to mentally prepare my check list- especially with a baby can be tedious. I'm fairly certain we will be packing every dress Luci owns.

As soon as we figured out our vacationing plans, way back in February (we're planners- don't hate!), I went in search of a floppy hat. I found a beaut like the one in this photo at Target, on clearance for $4 (thanks chictopa for the pic!):

Now I just need to find a red hi/low skirt and I'll be all set!

How about you? Any fun vaca plans coming up??

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