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June 14, 2012

Cropped pants..for men?

So recently, I've seen this style on the street...

And in articles...

I personally think it looks fantastic. My husband, on the other hand, a very manly man, thinks it looks ridiculous.

I personally think if the founder of this look: Darren Criss can pull it off- anyone should be able to!

What are we thinking? Yay? Or Neigh?


  1. If the pants reach the ankle, maybe. I think men must have a specific body type to pull this look off. As far as men in CAPRI'S is concerned I think it's one trend that women should keep to themselves! lol luis is right, he would look ridiculous IN cropped pants :)

  2. I have to disagree- think Luis could pull it off :) Unfortunately, we'll never know!