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June 26, 2012

Bahama-ian Vaca! (Part Two: Cruisin)

Buh Bye Miami!
Round two of our vacation was a 4 day Cruise to the Bahamas with my family. We were so blessed to be celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday- complete with matching T-shirts (of course!). We even had names on the back - Mama/Papa Bear, Grandpa/Gramma Bear, SarBear and of course Baby Bear- this leading most people to think our last name was Bear :)

Happy Camper about matching shirts

Day one was beautiful and picture perfect. We should have left the sunscreen at home as this happened to be our only day of sunshine (thanks Tropical Storm Debby!). We had a great day of walking around in the Straw Markets.

Sneaky teething baby :)
Day two- should have been a wonderful beach day but this was the only picture we got of our baby with a smile as her lil mouth chose this day to break through 4 new teethers! So we fed her as many watermelon slices as she would allow and let her enjoy a 2.5 hour nap...

Boooo Tropical Storm Debby!
Day three- RAIN! Luis and I left the baby with the family and got to walk around the very fun Nassau.

Other than 1 day of a crying teething baby and a lot of rain- it was overall a fantastic time spent with our family. 

No question we learned many things:
1) Teething gel, gas drops and tylenol should never leave your side. Luci can be 18 years old and I'll probably still have those 3 items in my purse.
2) Our baby hates confined spaces - maybe a Cruise isn't the best choice for us for a while. 

We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family members. To combine two major loves of ours: spending time with our lil baby & traveling was surreal.

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