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June 26, 2012

Bahama-ian Vaca (Part One: Disney)

Our vacation seemed overwhelming - but now that I've recoup'd my sleep and have put the moments of screaming baby behind me- I can say our vacation was "good". It was not great but it was definitely not bad!

No more Tigger for us!

Our 1 Day of Disney was great! Luci was absolutely petrified of any and all Disney characters (called it!). 

However, she enjoyed every ride we were on- especially Finding Nemo (yay!!). She even fell asleep on the Haunted Mansion (silly baby). 

Sooo sleepy!
Overall, Disney treated us well and we really had a great time! Special shout out to Aunt Terra for being an amazing aunt and our Disney tour guide!
Could we BE more hispanic??
Next post: The Cruise (the good, the bad and the teething)...

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