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May 29, 2012

Memorial Days and 5ks

Ha...If you say it out loud the title rhymes. 
Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend!

My first post-baby 5k happened on Sunday- with 70% humidity. I finished in 35 minutes. I consider this a win with the heat and humidity- starting at 8 am?

Something few people know about me- when reach my maximum capacity for exercise- my face gets red. And by red, I'm talking beat red. Here's a picture of me with Luci, who happens to be very excited about my pony tail? - a good 10 minutes after the race- and I'm still rockin a dark burgundy coloring:

No judging!

Our family enjoyed an ill timed trip up to Lake Geneva . Maybe the worst weekend to go but we had a fantastic trip... once we arrived.

Luci enjoyed the water fountain, stared at dogs, and even received a flower from her Grandpa- of which she held on to for 3 1/2 blocks (that's a record!).

What about you? Any fun exciting stories from your weekend??

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