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May 24, 2012

I'm BACK baby!

But seriously... I now have a baby. And a cute one too! Luci is 1 year and 3 months and stylish. I'm talking: wears a purse, can't wait to wear wedges, stylish lil diva.

Yesterday, I decided to start blogging again. Watch out world- here we come! I work full time while being a full time mommy but thought- why not add a lil spice - let's start the blog back up.

And here we are.

Let's start with some rules- You'll be hearing from me Monday-Friday, no weekends for this lil lady. Lucia is my #1 attention on the weekends. We like to soak up as much time and giggles as physically possible when we're together.

Thanks for being apart of our journey!

Lil sneak peak into future blogs: gardening (who knew!) and definitely some great style ideas FOR CHEAP! Hang on tight, people- this is going to be fun...

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