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August 3, 2010

Rough morning!

And it had so much potential. I woke up after only hitting my snooze button twice (average morning is 3-4). I hopped right into the shower, ate breakfast… and then I made a bad decision. A decision I think might have thrown the rest of the morning.

I choose the wrong deodorant! I mean it was still women’s – I’m glad I didn’t grab Luis’s. But I went for my intense and strong “workout” deodorant versus my light and refreshing “work day” deodorant. And it wasn’t like I did this on purpose- I didn’t realize until I was already applying to one arm and the thought of combining the two smells was potential for disaster.

From there, I can’t find a sweater. And then of course it’s raining. Then one of my windshield wipers falls off after 2 wipes. So I’m out in the rain trying to get this stupid thing off while sitting at a light. Fortunately, I got it and threw it in the back seat before one person had a chance to beep! I’ve never been so thankful for long red lights.

Fortunately, that’s where the bad day ended. I said this badness is not going to continue so I threw it for a curve ball by stopping at McDonalds for an OJ and yogurt parfait. Take that bad day! No bad days can really continue when you have the greatness of McDonald’s OJ paired with a fantastic parfait.

So here is to your morning, hope it was successful and without weird windshield wipers!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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