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August 12, 2010

Michigan Trip!

I had a grrrreat trip to Michigan. Only low point was getting STUCK in traffic on the way home - who knew I'd meet traffic at 2 pm on a Monday... strange!

I had the privileged of going to Frederick Meijer Garden with some of my closest friends. The man in the right of this picture is NOT one of them. This is one of the many fun structures we saw on our walk around the gardens. The best part was the kids section! I have many "young at heart" friends and they lit up as much as those under 7 years old at all the hands on activities! Memo to Moms- great place to take your kids!

The other half of my trip was spent with family. Those of you who know me well know I can't stand bacon. But one exception to this rule is for Dutch Lettuce. My Great Aunt makes this fantastic dinner and this time she taught me! Dutch Lettuce ingredients are: leaf lettuce, green onion, boiled egg, bacon, vinegar and mashed potatoes. You might be thinking that is the weirdest combination EVER. And I'll admit it does sound weird! But it is soooo fantastically good!

The last story about this excursion I'll give you is about my mischievous little dog (doesn't he just LOOK like he's up to no good?). This photo was taken right before ordering from a drive thru. I didn't realize my dog would hear someone else's voice and want to make friends. This was the moment RIGHT before he almost bailed on me! From this point on I got very friendly with the child's window lock. A safe Staley is a happy Becca!

Overall successful and fun trip to see wonderful friends and beautiful family. Next trip is schedule for the first weekend in October for Red Flannel Day! :)

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