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July 25, 2010

Baby Updates

Previously, I had let you beautiful people know I would be updating this blog more frequently... and then didn't for a while. The pregnancy symptoms that I have read about are as follows and in no particular order: nausea, fatigue, nose bleeds, back pain, headaches and vivid nightmares (to name a few).

I am proud to announce I am officially getting the FULL pregnancy treatment as I've experienced all of those things :(

So while daily naps might be added to my schedule I will try to maintain consistency with my blogging. But don't be nervous if you don't hear from me- it's probably because I'm napping.

First ultra sound! We almost were postponed again by the doctors office but fortunately they fit us in after another scheduling malfunction.

I don't think I was prepared for this ultrasound, other than drinking ridiculous amounts of water before the appointment which I think is sheer torture for already pressured bladders! I've been fairly intense with reading up on everything I've been given but nothing really prepares you for that moment.

When I saw that beating heart, tears just came out of no where. Every week I get an email telling me what size this lil baby is. So we've grown from a sweet pea to now a kumquat. But these fruits are just examples of the size. I feel this baby every day with the potential of morning sickness. I see my waist line expanding. But nothing makes it more real than to SEE my actual baby.

I could have watched that lil heart beat all day long. This ultra sound made this pregnancy go from physical and visible outer changes to an inner emotional connection. It was absolutely beautiful!

More fun details to come of the adventures of pregnancy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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