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June 15, 2010

Getting Out Of The Funk

Ahhh FUNK. I have been in the biggest funk lately. The smallest thing comes up and it’s like another nail in the coffin. I’m not even talking big stuff. It could be me forgetting to bring yogurt to work or me forgetting to say “non fat” at the end of a starbucks drink order. Just small stuff but it has added up to a FUNK.

Did you know there is an entire history behind funks? Seriously check it out at the highly credible While previous “funks” have inspired people to create music around their feelings it’s good to know people feel me on this one. Who knows maybe listening to funk music would have helped?

So last night I was done with the funk. I was just sick of it and ready for a change. Here’s how I got out of it: 1 project + Last Comic Standing.

If any of you out there know me, you know I love comedy however, I’m not a LOL’er. Most comedy movies (even REALLY good ones!) will not get a peep out of me, if their lucky maybe a chuckle. So my husband, Luis, informs people ahead of time of this so they don’t walk away from the movie thinking I am dead inside.

However, Last Comic Standing received not 1 but 2 full chuckles from me! Granted that was after 2 hours of jokes- but I really enjoyed it and it lightened my mood ½ way out of the funk. Next- the project. I have maybe thee most boring cube walls in my office and I decided last night that needs to change.
So I went through all of my photos (42 albums!) and picked the best of the best. Going through and remembering all of those great memories was an instant defunkifier (watch out Webster: new word!). Especially going through all of the trips I’ve been on. It was surreal remembering all the fun and random moments in the last few years.

All of this to say, if you are in a funk- get a project! One that forces you to go through old pictures is highly recommended. I hope this day finds you well and unfunky :)

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good point! I like the picture you posted from Zambia. When I find myself be ungrateful it always helps to go back through the pictures and really realize just how good I have it. It's good to see this works out for getting out of a funk as well!!!


  2. :) Had to post the picture where I realized I was going to adopt! I mean with all the ups and downs of the trip- I can't believe how much it truly rocked my world. Glad I got to experience with you!!