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June 9, 2010

Dream dream dream

Happy Wednesday to you!

For some reason, lately, my head has been in the clouds. Do you ever experience this? I wish I could say it's summer thing. But I say it's a winter thing when it gets cold... so I don't believe that qualifies.

I have this cousin who is a big dreamer. He's a big picture dreamer too. Right now he has a new product he'd like to sell, he has started a blog, he's beginning a book, already has his own non profit and also works full time. He is a huge encouragement to both me and Luis to look outside the box :)

So on to my current dreams of: town homes. You know you've grown up when your dreams of fancy cars, fun fashion, accessory items are now ... real estate?

My goal is to be in a town house by next March. I've already started searching but a friend of mine in the biz told me that I can start seriously looking in September. So I mark my current looking as "research".

What are your current day dreams? Don't leave me hanging here!

Keep dreaming and as always... thanks for stopping by!

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