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May 20, 2010

First Blog Post!

Welcome Readers!

I am so excited to start this blog. Shout out to my very wonderful Aunt Debbie for helping me with the name! Let's start with a lil bit about me (in no particular order):
  • Giver: I am an intense  philanthropist   ...  beware I might just convince you to give/volunteer to those more in need!
  • Marketing Nerd: I love marketing... ads...emails... social networking- you name it!
  • Wife: fairly happily for 2 years (no one is more shocked about this than me and I think my family every day)!
  • Dog owner: to a lovely lil year and a half munchkin daschund named Staley (also calls to the name Poopers)
  • Music Lover  Extraordinaire  : anything and everything but country... 
  • Runner: it's a love/hate relationship... mostly hate.
Now that you know about me ... I want to know about you! What's your favorite hobby?

Thanks for stoppin by!


  1. hi becca!! i'll be your first comment :) ha favorite hobby? hmmm prolly skiing! i'm sure you never saw that one coming!

    -katie...aka polly

  2. hmmmm.... favorite hobby... YOU!

  3. @luis: that's precious :)
    @kate: really? b/c I would have guessed cedar point excursions :)