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May 22, 2010

Coffee: addiction or the path to greatness?

What is it about walking into a starbucks that can just brighten your mood.

This isn't an endorsement- it doesn't have to be starbucks. It could be any java joint. The local coffee shops are my favorite. And if they have local art you can purchase on the walls- extra 10 points automatically. The art doesn't even have to be good!

My favorite coffee shop is in podunk Hastings, MI. State Grounds holds the key to my java heart- if your ever in town you HAVE to try the muffins, they are a delight! I truly believe that my family makes up 73% of Hastings city population so I am there frequently for small get togethers, weddings, family reunions (always themed), Easter or Christmas dinner, or just to get away for a bit. Only a 3 hour drive and I can get back to nature. There is something to be said about a space that makes you remember that birds exist.

But back to coffee! Every time before I walk in to a coffee shop I tell myself I'm going to get tea. I even differentiate between cold or hot and will set my sights on a flavor. My top two choices: gray earl or something fruity. But the moment I walk in and that wonderful smell hits me... game over. It's coffee time.

My sister and I have a strong belief that no matter how you start your day- after a trip to a coffee shop the end result is the same: great! This might be how addicts get started. Have you ever heard someone talk like this about alcohol or scrapbooking?

My day started out horribly. I woke up with a headache. Who does that? Maybe it was too much sleep... but still come on. Then as I was lifting my head off my pillow- my neck cracked (and not a good crack) so now I can't look over my right shoulder. Then after yesterdays run, I'm pretty sure I caused my right leg to have a stress fracture.

My mom is probably reading this and either thinking I'm being overly dramatic or saying no it's probably just a bruise. Mom's who are nurses are the worst :) but we'll save that for a different time.

Ipso facto, I am a hot mess. Until I walked into a coffee shop. While I'm still feeling aches and attitude has taken a 180. So here is to you and your day. Whether it started out bad or great - I wish you a good coffee moment to make the end result: GREAT!

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  1. remember the bean? that was my FAVORITE coffee house...maybe it was the company! :) but yes i think you are an addict

  2. My Luis would agree with you that coffee is a small gift to his children...