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May 26, 2010

2 words: Squirt Bottle!

Staley, our dachshund has been in our life for over a year and a half. While he is the absolute cutest lil thing you will ever know, he's mischievous and sneaky! He is also currently enrolled in Pet Smart's training program to right daily frustrations of ours.

Signing up for training was something we feared like the plague. Had we realized how much our beloved Staley was going to cost us in carpet repairs, carpet cleaning and sleepless nights we might have signed up on day 1. We even purchased books on training a dog. 

One of the many training mentions was using a squirt bottle. Just recently we were reminded of this and low and behold- it was genius! I didn't realize how much Staley would fear the squirt bottle but he does! Now when people are over and he starts to jump on them in a joyous celebration of new people entering our home it takes one squirt and then he turns into a shark circling his prey. He waits for the moment we turn around or for the squirt bottle to look the other way to jump again.

But the best part: it really is working! 

Funny story: one night I'm in bed sleeping hard. Luis comes in, lays down, Staley barks from his crate. I hear "YES!", Luis jumps up like an evil conniving magician rubbing his hands together with that creepy grin. One spray- and our sleep was uninterrupted. Brilliance!

If your having puppy training issues and are at the end of your rope: squirt bottle it up! I reminded my cube roommate of this new found treasure and now it's working on her bull dog. 

That's it for now - happy puppy training everyone and as always..

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. That's a nice suggestion! Our chihuahua barks all.the.time. when she is outside. Maybe the squirt bottle will remedy this before our neighbors start to hate us! :)