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November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Of course, nothing can be normal in our family :)

I thought I had this Halloween in the bag (pun intended). Two weeks ago, I purchased Luci's Halloween: 2-4T Dora Princess costume online. It arrived in the mail, and of course I didn't think a thing of it. Until, Halloween Eve when I tried to shove my cutie 2.5 year old into a 1-2 year old costume. 

THANKfully, Luci has been on a big Cinderella kick. On a random trip to Goodwill I found a 4T Cinderella costume for $4. I mean for a four dollar investment I was thinking it would be worth it if she played dress up with it one time. Or maybe I was secretly hoping she would wear it every time she watches Cinderella...still whatever happens the total investment was $4.

Amazingly- Cinderella came in for the win after Princess Dora was about 2 sizes too small. And Halloween was saved for a $4 whim! I might just buy 2 costumes every year from now on...just in case. 

I hope you had a successful and safe Halloween :)

October 29, 2013

House update!

Sunday was gorgeous. For Chicago-land- it was absolutely beautiful weather. 50 degrees, light breeze and sunny! October usually means cold and dreary. To see a gorgeous day was a delight. Of course, a good weather day to me means it's time to paint something outdoors.

Last week I finally finished painting the outside of our house. This has been a MONTH in progress. To be honest, the hardest part was painting things we never see i.e the north side of our house is barely even accessible let alone visible to us. Our neighbors don't care but to have a 3/4 painted house just felt like cheating.

This weekend our garage went from this...

To this...

I didn't even think I'd get to paint our garage this year but with this wonderfully sunny day, it was painting time! I got the front of the garage painted and even the trim done. Maybe this week I'll wrap up the sides. I mean, no promises, but ... we'll see! :)

I don't think I can handle a full winter of seeing the sides of this garage so naked... (disregard the massive amounts of scrap metal we have to take to the junk yard soon!)

What did you do this weekend??

October 23, 2013

Purty'in Up Our Window

We have this large bay window in our living room. We almost didn't even notice it when we were first looking at this house because it was covered up by thick large horrifically ruffled outdated window shades. Even once the curtains were removed there was a large awning outside that meant about 1/2 the view from the window was metal. Here is our "before" of those dreaded awnings...

Once the window curtains and awning were removed- it was a completely different space. The light that comes in is fantastic. The ability to see my entire yard is wonderful- especially when Luci wants nothing more than to be outside constantly. 

The window was originally framed with wood trim. Since we are all about recycling aka cheap I removed it, sanded and painted them white. With the help of a new nail gun purchase, oh boys and their power tools, we finally added the trim back on this weekend!

Here is the white trim up and beautiful...

And then with added window curtains and rod...

Slowly, this place is looking more and more like an actual house vs. construction project. :)

October 21, 2013

Weekend Update

WHEW! Even with a glass of wine in hand, I'm still feeling pretty tired from a big, long but successful weekend!

One of our closest friends allowed us to borrow his bad a look'in Ford F-350 Diesel truck. It only took one day of driving it but I think Luis might becoming a truck man :) With one day of free truck use, we bee lined to Restore and picked up some trim and crown modeling. From there we went to Menards to load up on anything and everything we might need in the next few months that's LONG. 

While this project wasn't a big priority on our TO DO list, we decided, Saturday AM over breakfast, to knock down the tile wall in our kitchen. In the first week of us being in this house we discovered under layers of wallpaper, this pretty tile. Unfortunately, it wasn't in good enough shape to salvage. 

After taking it down it looked a little something like this...

Not exactly "child friendly". We picked up a few sheets of drywall on our Menards trip and put it up in record time. Guess all of our practicing previously was good for something! We are just waiting for the mudding to set and then I can post "finished" project pictures up but here is the current shot minus the box in the background......

We actually finished up another project too but those details will be for another probably Wednesday.

Amazingly, we were able to do a majority of our house "working" on Saturday and had the chance for family time on Sunday. 

What did you get done this weekend??

October 18, 2013

I'm blue and dabadee dabodie ...

Just me, or did that song not last long enough in the 90's? ... yeah I thought it was just me too.

I have been DESPERATELY wanting to paint our front door, ever since we decided what color to paint the outside of our house. Oddly enough, I put this project off for weeks and it only took about 15 minutes x3.

I forgot the before picture but here's a freshly primed front door...

The chosen beautiful blue!

I read up on a few blogs as to the right way to paint a door. While I don't think there's really a "wrong way", it was easiest to start on the inside of the 4 panels: outlining the rectangles...

Then the inside...

Then the big "t"...

After the majority of the middle was done, I painted the outside and my lovely rainbow at the top. 

After two coats of paint with 2-3 hours of drying time in between...

My future plans are to take off the screen door and update that handle to a nice Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

Not too bad for less than 2 hours of work :)

Happy Friday everyone!